BMW R1200 GS

BMW R1200 GS

The BMW R1200 GS has been a long time coming. A highly anticipated bike due to its achievement of the fine balance between off-road confidence and on-road capability, the new GS model see’s very little departure from its previous style.

In fact the only area of significant change appears to be one, the engine. The engine has adopted the cylinder head design from the high-performance HP2 sport, allowing the layout to move to full double overhead cams. The bike’s strength hasn’t changed, still 1,170cc and performing as an air-cooled boxer twin, the 2010 GS reminds us why we loved the GS in the very first place.

Despite its power remaining the same for the most part (only up 5%), the bike now boasts a much easier rev, creating a lively, rejuvenated model that has a great energy. For those who are particular about the sound of their bike, the R1200 GS is much more pleasing to the ears. A deep, strong tone is harmonised by a solenoid-controlled flap in the bike’s exhaust, which meters the noise emitted for emissions.

So it would seem that the updated GS model hasn’t lost any of the characteristics that it charmed us with in years past. Instead BMW’s new model provides a fresh twist on a great large capacity trail bike.