The Triumph Tiger is clearly a road bike. It prioritises road handling and has looks of a bike best suited to well-covered terrain, however this doesn’t take away from what a great job the Hinckley firm have done with the 1050.

The lighter model weighs in at 198kg, whilst the seat has retained its height, despite being a little narrower than its ancestors. This gives the 1050 one of its greatest perks, that you can easily feel more connected with the bike due to its lighter frame whilst maintaining its strong aesthetic as a large trailster.

The Triumph Tiger 1050’s output now clocks in at 115bph, which is a reduction in comparison to older models. Though again this doesn’t diminish the bike at all, instead making it far more user friendly and easy to control when it comes to slow traffic lights or hairpin turns.

This extremely user friendly bike really keeps the rider in mind, which makes it a great road companion for you. The Triumph Tiger 1050 appears to take some genetics from all of its predecessors, to create a good quality, good value bike.