Many riders assume that spring and summer are the best time to sell a motorcycle, because that’s when demand is highest, but selling your motorbike in winter could be a good idea too. Here are three reasons why;

  1. You will dodge depreciation. Riding your bike through winter exposes it to salt and other nastiness in the grime sprayed up from the wheels in wet weather. Even if you are able to wash your machine regularly, it will corrode more quickly, affecting its resale value. Better to sell your motorcycle and buy a cheap winter hack to run around on, then invest in something nice and shiny in the spring.
  2. Storing your motorcycle over winter may protect it from the elements, but you will need to clean and dry it thoroughly first and ensure it is kept in a dry environment. You might save a small amount of money by registering it as off the road (SORN), but you still need to insure it against theft. It’s much easier to sell your motorbike, bank the cash, earn a little bit of interest and then look for something to replace in the spring.
  3. Although there is less demand for new and used motorcycles over winter, there are also fewer machines for sale, which means there is less competition. If you own a popular make and model, you could get a very favourable price for your bike.

Getting your motorcycle valued will help you decide whether it could be worth selling it over winter. Many established dealers will give you a free valuation or guide price.

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