At Value Bike Centre we buy and sell hundreds of excellent quality used motorbikes every year. Here is a list of things we always look for when checking over a machine we’ve been offered;

  • Appearance – paint, plastics and metalwork should be free from dents, scratches, scuffs, chips and corrosion. Things like split seat covers and cracked screens are immediately obvious and put buyers off.
  • Good running order – everything (engine, switchgear, etc) should be working properly and both sets of keys need to be included… Worn tyres, chain and/or sprockets will reduce value.
  • Low mileage – on average most riders cover 3,000 miles per year. Anything less than that is a plus point.
  • Full service history – buyers want to know that a bike has been properly cared for, and regularly serviced at the recommended intervals, preferably by a franchised dealer. And, for bikes over 3 years old, a current MOT.
  • Previous owners – the fewer the better. Would you buy a motorcycle that has been owned by six people over three years?

Unmodified – you might think that the iridium screen and fake carbon fibre seat unit make your bike look trick, but everyone has different tastes. As a rule, standard motorcycles attract the best prices. There are exceptions to this rule, such as Akrapovic exhausts on performance bikes and genuine BMW luggage on the GS, but even those won’t reflect what they cost you.

Want to know more? We are happy to value any UK-registered motorcycles in good condition. Find out more HERE